Maagal & Summer Camps

In 2017 we upgraded the Partnership's teen leadership program and added a component of encounter with Jewish teens in three summer camps (New Haven JCC, Worcester JCC and Camp Laurelwood). The Israeli group was divided into smaller groups, each one at a different camp, accompanied by a former YE. It allowed a meaningful learning time about Jewish life outside of Israel, exposure to SNEC and to the YE program. It also allowed the Israeli teens to practice their leadership skills (one of the strategic changes we made in order to bring more YEs from the region). Another objective of this program is the exposure to Israel the EITs bring to the camps, and the personal ties that emerge. The first cohort led one of the teens to become a Young Emissary. We made the needed adjustments with the summer camps, and the second cohort will be arriving to SNEC in July 2018. We believe this program will foster the next generation of YEs from the region.